Cookware Sets


      Cookware sets are an optimal way to stock your kitchen with all the cooking necessities. This is especially helpful for those moving into their first new home and need all the cookware basics. Receiving a cookware set as a gift isn’t a bad alternative either. What are the advantages of buying a set instead of individual pieces?

      The Importance Of Having Pan And Pot Sets

      Pots and pans are the very essentials of cooking. Without them, there are 90% fewer recipes we can make in the kitchen. Cookware sets are an exceptionally simple solution to all of your kitchenware needs. If you find a reliable and durable brand, you would want to splurge on an entire stainless steel cookware set for your kitchen. The best part of cookware sets is that they match in quality and style. While cooking is more about reliability than aesthetics, it doesn’t hurt to have a cohesive set of cookware that also appeals to the eye altogether. Buying several cookware products at once also allows you a large selection of pots and pans to work with. Some people even opt for several cookware sets instead of settling on just one! Last, but not least, cookware sets are often offered a greater bargain than individual items by the same manufacturer, which is great if you’re on a budget.

      What Do Cookware Sets Include?

      Cooking sets come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. Ultimately, they differ based on the manufacturer and the collection. There can be a variety of cooking sets by one brand and if you don’t know what you’re looking for, then you may not fully be able to compare and contrast until you find the perfect fit for you. Any cookware sets you find will fall into one of these three categories:

      Small cookware sets

      An important thing to keep in mind is the number of pieces a cookware set contains also typically includes the corresponding lids to each pot or pan. Therefore, if you’re looking at a 7-piece cookware set, it does not necessarily mean it includes 7 different pots and pans. Similarly, a small cookware set may be numbered this way, but in fact, you are looking at something along the lines of a frying pan, a saucepan, and a pot. Each with their lids makes this a 6-piece set in total. These smaller sets are the perfect basics for a starter kitchen or if you have limited space. Unless you’re going to be making large gourmet dishes, then this set will be a perfect addition to your home.

      Average-sized cookware sets


      A middle ground for cookware sets is 7-10 pieces (again, including lids). This is a golden middle and covers all the essentials you’ll possibly need. This size is arguably the best cookware set you can find since it combines quantity with quality. You can expect much more variety in the cookware items you receive, which typically includes a small, 8-inch frying pan, a 10-inch frying pan, a stockpot, a saucepan, and their corresponding lids. Keep in mind that pan and pot sizes vary depending on the brand. Cuisirpro’s Soft-Touch Aluminum and Easy-Release Hard Anodized Cookware sets are worth taking a look at if you’re looking for the best cookware sets in Canada of this size range.

      Large cookware sets 

      Anywhere from 12-20+ pieces for a cookware set is extensive, yet it comes with a lot of useful items. Larger cookware sets are ideal for a house-warming present or if you’re filling up your first big kitchen. The types of pans and pots are relatively the same, but you can expect many more utensils and specific items in these sets. For example, a griddle or grill pan is a plus. Most larger cookware sets often come with utensils like ladles and spatulas. The combination depends on the brand, once again, which is why it’s important to pick and choose the best cookware set for you.

      At Cuisipro, we want to provide you with the best cookware sets in Canada that you can find, which is why we combine the essentials with undeniable quality materials and at a reasonable value.

      Equip Your Kitchen With The Best Cookware Sets In Canada

      The more crucial aspect to look out for when purchasing cookware sets is to ensure their quality. Cookware can be made from ceramic and stainless steel to aluminum and carbon steel. Which one is the best? It comes down to personal preference as each has its pros and cons, however, at Cuisipro we found that Aluminum cookware is the best choice all around. Non-stick pans are typically coated with Teflon, which is a health threat when accidentally consumed. The best options for cookware currently are stainless steel and aluminum, but still, rely on the brand to ensure its reliability to avoid scratches and deformation.

      Cuisipro aims to not only provide the best cooking experience, but to innovate kitchen utensils above and beyond current expectations. That is why our stainless steel cookware sets are an absolute delight to have in any kitchen whether it’s for your home or for the restaurant kitchen. Our 10-piece Aluminum cookware sets are equipped with everything you need to create an indulgent meal. Each one is unique with its particular design of handles, lids, and ridges while none of them lack in durability. Our stainless steel cookware sets are made of 3-ply stainless steel which creates a supportive core, promoting durability and even heat distribution. Not only are the pots and pans themselves oven-safe up to 500F/260C, but the lids are also heat-safe up to 350F/180C.

      With any of our beautiful stainless steel cookware sets you get:

      • 1.5QT/1.5L Sauce Pot

      • 2QT/2L Sauce Pot

      • 3QT/2.75L Casserole

      • 5QT/4.75L Casserole

      • 8”/20.4cm Fry Pan

      • 9.5”/24cm Fry Pan

      The quality is certainly at this benchmark, but the price isn’t. At Cuisipro, we carry out competitive pricing on all of our products to ensure we provide our clients with the best deals in the Canadian market for the respective product. Be attentive, since our cookware sets are prone to running out-of-stock due to high demand.

      We strive to put forward the best cookware sets in the United States so we can have the honor of guaranteeing you the best cooking experience around.