What are Graters and Zesters?

With their ability to transform foods and ingredients, zesters and graters are essential products for your kitchen that add intense flavors and varying textures to any meal cooked at home. But what exactly are their differences and unique characteristics? Let’s review them separately.


There are several types of graters and the type you will end up choosing depends on the specific meal you are cooking.

There are box graters that are four-sided that include a variety of grating holes each enabling to grate specific types of food for special meals, including potatoes, cheese, and more. There is a slicing side on the grater that is perfect for creating slivers of vegetables like carrots. 

Box graters are specifically good for grating a large volume of food for your meal. 

There are also flat-handled graters, also known as rasps. They typically consist of one flat grating board, that typically has either medium or small-sized grating holes. Mandolin graters are also considered a flat type of graters that offer changeable blades for various ingredients. 

There are also cheese graters, vegetable graters, and more. 


Zesters on the other hand are typically used to create extra-fine shavings of a huge variety of aromatic foods, that are usually filled with concentrated flavors, including the citrus rind, garlic, ginger, cinnamon sticks, chocolate and cloves, and more.
Traditional zesters consist of a handheld tool and metalhead that contains various small shredding holes. Those holes are specifically designed with an angle that perfectly cuts into pieces whatever they shred. If you want to achieve delicate, curled strips this type of zesters are perfect for your meal.

Elegant design ensuring a smooth experience

Just like any other tool in your kitchen zesters and graters are supposed to be comfortable for use and high quality, ensuring a long-lasting cooking experience.

But how do you define a good grater and a zester? Here are some insights to take into consideration:

  • The best quality graters and zesters are typically made of thin, surgical grade stainless steel, that creates extra sharp blades for easy use and ensures a long-lasting experience because of its high quality.
  • Perfect graters and zesters consist of comfortable handles for easy gripping.
  • When it comes to graters keep in mind that the bigger the grater area, the more you can grate and zest, this will make the cooking process faster, easier and more enjoyable.
  • Top-quality graters and zesters are supposed to be easily washable, and dishwasher safe, although typically handwashing is more preferable for the prevention of spottings. 

The Box Grater that you always dreamed of

Cuisipro is proud to offer you an exceptional range of box graters that will take your cooking experience to a more professional level and will add quality to your meals.

Our box graters are high quality, with sharp blades ensuring an easy-to-use experience that will save you time and nerves when cooking in the kitchen.

Our graters are specifically designed to offer you the freedom of grating a large variety of vegetables, foods, and even nuts. Among the offered products you can find perfect graters for creative cooks that add a unique personal touch to every meal.

Our products offer comfortable, thick, steel handles so that you can easily grab those during use.
Both our graters and zesters will become your kitchen favourites from the moment you use them. Make sure to check the details about specific products in the list below.

Cheese Grater with shaped handles

Thanks to its unique design and special cutting sides, this grater gives you plenty of room for a customisable cooking experience.

Because of its high-quality ingredients and special design, this grater will also last a long time and will serve in your kitchen until you decide to change it.
Because of its specific design, it will not slip out of your hand, enabling you to grate ingredients with ease.

It is also easily washable! In short, this is the perfect product if you want to make your cooking experience easy, comfortable and enjoyable for you, as well as add quality to your meals.

Plastic and Stainless steel varieties

Be it box graters, cheese graters, or vegetable ones some of our products also come with special protective plastic covers, that are specifically designed to make them easy for you to store. They are also easy to clean and thanks to their super-sharp blades make it perfect to zest a wide variety of ingredients.

Believe us with these products the only limit is not even the sky but your own imagination.

High-quality Plastic for Zesters

Offering high-quality products at an affordable price has always been our mission and goal at Cuisipro. We pride ourselves to offer a wide variety of graters and zesters that will take your cooking experience to a whole another level and thanks to their high quality will serve into your kitchen for a long time.

Our graters and zesters are not only perfect for easy and comfortable use, but they also come in different shapes and forms to give freedom to your imagination while cooking specific meals.