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A History of Firsts

Peter Browne (of Browne & Co) had a vision to revolutionize the foodservice industry. He was never satisfied with good enough and believed that crafting high quality tools was essential to creating the best possible cooking experience. With this mission in mind, Cuisipro was born. 20 years after inception.

Cuisipro is Born

Cuisipro was launched in 1998, with a revolutionary design of measuring cups and spoons. The brand continues to this day to be synonymous with innovation and quality. Cuisipro reinvented itself and evolved to serve the home chef. Designing products with your kitchen in mind, we sought to create tools that would encourage curiosity, joy, and connection in the heart of the home. 30 years later, we’re staying true to Peter’s original vision by endlessly innovating and pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a home chef. The Cuisipro's name has been built on an impressive list of "firsts" new ideas, clever innovations and smart solutions.

How It All Began

Cuisipro was launched with revolutionary design of measuring cups and spoons. The brand continues to this day to be synonymous with innovation and quality. 

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Donvier Ice Cream Maker

Circa 1990's the Donvier Ice Cream Maker is the first that required no ice or electricity. Features the patented Chillfast cylinder, plus a double-walled freezer cylinder.

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Award Winning Collection

Find out why Cuisipro is rated for our premium quality and durability. View our collection of top selling and award winning products, from graters to egg poachers! Cuisipro will not disappoint!

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Every Product Has a Story

Where do we get our ideas? Our answer is simple. Cuisipro products originate from our collective intelligence and imagination, led by our design team. The creative life of a product is conceived in the mind’s eye and shaped with input from professional chefs, cooking enthusiasts, and the international palates of the Cuisipro team.


Our Promise - Design. Quality. Innovation

For more than 2 decades, we've exceeded our dedication to excellence, our passion for cooking and our love of design.Our products will bring you years of performance, creativity and joy. We promise you will feel the quality and pure pleasure every time you use them. Inspiration will come naturally. Look for the Cuisipro logo. The sign of our promise. 

Cuisipro® Design Principles

Innovation That Challenges

Challenging expectations is innovation at its best. We think about function and style. We consider form, materials, maintenance, cleaning and how they all come together to make something truly beautiful.

Design That Attracts

Our products attract the eye with simple elegance. The design is refined and timeless-never compromised. We design with precision and prototype, test and refine our concepts to bring the best ideas to life. 

Quality That Endures

We believe in our products.Combining high-quality materials with functional design, we create durable products. With high quality workmanship and subjected to our rigorous testing standards, no detail is overlooked.