Spice mills & Oil Dispenser

What Is A Spice Grinder?

A spice grinder and spice mill are essentially both a handheld, primarily manual, kitchen utensil which pulverizes various spices. There is a wide range of spice grinders and mills available in the market, varying from single and dual spice allotted. Dual spice mills are optimal for a salt & pepper combo that is inseparable from one another: no need to look for one or the other when cooking or handing to guests. Some of the best spice grinders have a modern and innovative design that minimizes the size of the grinder while maximizing its capability to grind both spices at once. Such are double-sided spice mills that grind a different spice depending on the side facing down. Sometimes, when purchasing spices from your local supermarket, you’ll find spice bottles and containers that have a cap that doubles as a grinder. This makes the best out of the container that the spice came filled in, but for long-term and reusability, it’s optimal to have your own spice mill in the kitchen.

Easier And Time-efficient Method Of Grinding Your Spices

You always have the option of grinding your spices by hand, whether it’s with the use of a mortar and pestle or any other handy method you know. However, using a spice mill significantly saves you more time and energy, especially if you’re going to be incorporating much of the same into your cooking spices on a daily basis. For this reason, many people opt to use a spice mill for their salt and pepper since these are most commonly used, while other spices can be ground by hand upon preference. Many cooks prefer using a mortar and pestle for grinding spices when making an original spice mix or rub, but in reality, the same can be achieved with a spice mill. You can incorporate the same mix of spices into your spice grinder and achieve the same result.

Some of the best spice grinders in the market also offer several settings for fine or coarse grinding. This is great for various cooking situations when you need coarse salt for seasoning meat, for example, but a finer grind for other recipes. While most spice mills function by manually twisting the top end until it sprinkles out from the bottom, you can also find automatic spice grinders that work with a press of the button. Automatic spice grinders are just as reliable as manual spice mills, but they need to be emptied and cleaned after use. While most manual spice grinders also double as a storage source for your spices that can be stored easily anywhere in the kitchen and even on the dinner table. Opt for the best spice grinder according to your preference and cooking habits to yield the best results in the kitchen.

How To Use It And What Can I Include In Them?

Usage of spice mills is quite straightforward: there are only a handful of ways it can function and it typically requires one movement of your wrist. The best spice grinders fall into one of the following categories for functionality: twisting the top or bottom segment of the grinder, pushing a button, or pressing a pump. A lesser common, yet available option, for a spice mill is one with a turnable handle or a crank. This is similar to early versions of the spice grinder.

So what can you exactly grind in a spice mill? The most apparent answer is: spices and seasonings. However, try to avoid spices larger than a coffee bean since the intricate mechanics of a spice mill cannot handle a large object entering the grinder. What if you want to grind up cinnamon sticks? Then it’s best to opt for a mortar and pestle or coffee grinder for this task. Don’t blame your spice mill for this, because even the best spice grinder that’s handheld won’t be able to pull this off. For more unconventional use, there’s a variety of other ingredients cooks are experimenting with by using spice mills. Some home cooks have found grinding their favorite tortilla chips over a bowl of soup to be the next best thing. Others are using a spice mill for seeds or dried fruit. Whatever you decide to experiment, ensure your ingredients are already small prior to entering the grinder and that they are absolutely dry in texture.

What Is An Oil And Vinegar Dispenser?

Some households buy and go through several jugs of cooking oil and vinegar in the kitchen and keeping those bulky bottles at hand’s reach isn’t the most effective option. Even if you are purchasing a smaller bottle, you always have the option of filling it into a clean and beautiful glass or plastic dispenser. With a dedicated oil and vinegar dispenser, you have an organized kitchen with everything you need at hand’s reach without it looking like a cluttered mess. Guests are over or it’s dinner time? Simply take your dispensers to the table for easy pouring and return them to the kitchen during cleanup. It decreases the cleanup and hassle of pouring your oil and vinegar into a separate sauce bowl or container just for serving.

An oil dispenser and a vinegar dispenser are commonly the same type of dispenser in essence, although the liquids are far from being the same. However, they are both optimal for kitchen-side and table-side use, especially for salads and pasta, which make them an ideal combination. One of the best perks of an oil dispenser or a vinegar dispenser is that you can find versions that have measurements written on the bottle to limit measuring it separately for recipes. The best oil and vinegar dispensers come with an easy-pour nozzle that limits the chance of liquid spilling upon pouring. You can also repurpose your oil dispenser or vinegar dispenser for other options such as soy sauce, maple syrup other liquid sauces that will flow through the nozzle with ease.